What/who is RegenAg UK?

RegenAG UK (RAUK) connects farmers, smallholders, and other interested parties with leading pioneers and trainers/experts in Regenerative Agriculture - via short courses, seminars and workshops - and facilitates collaboration and peer-peer learning.

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Stewarding Your Soil

Dave Beecher teaching

How to Manage the Beneficial Organisms In and For Your Soil (BASIS points applied for)

with Dave Beecher

Sunday 28th January @ Sandy Lane Farm, Sandy Lane, Tiddington, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2LA;
Tuesday 30th January @ West Town Farm, Ide, Exeter, EX2 9TG

This course is relevant to farmers and growers, and gardeners – and the likes of gardening/agricultural researchers and journalists. The focus of the day will be practical, considering how the soil health principles discussed apply in real life and how we translate them into practice. It will act as a good introduction for those wanting to get started on both understanding soil biology and supporting its healthy development.

Dave Beecher using the microscopeWe will cover the basics of The Soil Food Web, in a concise format, using a microscope to bring the various characters in our soil to life. We’ll consider their roles and how they interact, as a symbiotic community which provides many benefits including creating the vibrant material called humus, and we’ll look at how conventional agriculture is impacting our soils - how cultivation, fertilizers and chemical sprays impact soil biology and us. This will be taken to another level by illustrating how the nutritional quality of food and our own health are affected, as well as that of the wider planet.

Considering application of these principles we will compare the various composting techniques, focusing on hot/thermophilic composting and how to establish an ideal Fungi to Bacteria ratio (F:B) to maximise crop production and optimise quality. Application manner and timing will be discussed as well as how to make it go further by using compost extracts or teas.

mycorrhizae spores bursting free from a sporangiaIn our current economic climate, with both growers and households coming under increased financial pressure, the issues surrounding farming are not easily solved. However some potential solutions to these problems will be presented by highlighting alternative, innovative approaches - from Ireland, UK and around the world.

N.B. We've decided to change this course to condense it into one day and remove the specific training in use of microscopes. This is because we believe it is the best way to use both yours and Dave's time; this way if you have an appropriate microscope and would like to attend a day dedicated to learning about how to use it in relation to soil biology then you can put your name down on a list and we will run one when there are enough people, but otherwise you save your time and money and Dave can spend his time teaching people things they are going to go ahead and use!  If you would like to register interest for a microscope course, please email Natasha to let her know.

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