Joel Williams

Joel WilliamsJoel is a soils enthusiast and a passionate presenter on soil health, soil biology and integrated approaches of sustainable farming. He is an independent crop and soil health consultant and also presents lectures and workshops to primary producers on a range of soil and plant health related topics.

Joel has worked on conventional and organic farms improving biological practices in Australia and the UK where he integrates soil chemical and biological assessments along with plant nutritional analysis as a joined-up strategy for farm management. He has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in crop and soil sciences and a keen interest in managing soil microbial ecology and plant & soil nutrition to optimise plant immunity, soil health and soil carbon sequestration.

 Joel has a passion for teaching and sharing both scientific and practical knowledge on sustainable growing practices and has lectured to farming audiences in Australia, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Latvia, South Africa, Kenya, Canada and the US.

What people have said about Joel:
"Great enthusiasm for his subject, happy to answer questions, really good at explaining things in a clear/simple way"
"Personable.  Flexible re: questions from us.  Able to translate scientific terms into layman's words"
"Engaging manner"
"enthusiasm... knowledge... confidence... eloquence..."
"Enthusiasm combined with great knowledge"
"Pragmatic and practical approach"
"Well paced, well communicated.  Able to explain detailed content in a really digestible way"
"Joel, as well as being very knowledgeable, is a great communicator, pointing the way towards a healthy and sustainable approach to growing food and caring for the soil."
"Joel's infectious enthusiasm for soil management invites us to look at making practical experimental changes in our own fields, to look at our work holistically & to build soil C using a variety of strategies.  One-size definitely doesn't fit all & the benefit of this course has been opening my eyes to the 'anything is possible' approach championed by Joel"

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Kate Scott Bsc (hons) Herbal Medicine MNIMH

Kate Scott

As an Organic farmer with 23 years experience and a Medical Herbalist Kate combines her passions on a daily basis working on a practical level with all aspects of stock husbandry on a 2500 acre organic pasture fed mixed farm , as an Independent Farm Consultant, as the Medical Herbalist for a breast cancer charity and as a Herbal Medicine Lecturer for a naturopathic college. She has a keen interest in herbal leys for self medication and selective grazing which she is currently researching alongside studying a Msc in sustainable agriculture. With a sound knowledge of plant phytochemistry Kate is well placed to advise around planting diverse leys and hedgerows for animal health as well as natural first aid treatments on the farm and has recently carried out a promising study on her herbal wormer.

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Rob Havard

Rob HavardRob is an Organic farmer and a professional ecologist, and works for Natural England as conservation grazing lead advisor.  He has been using Holistic Management to inform his farming practice since completing Kirk Gadzia's Advanced Holistic Management (HM) course with us in October 2014 and as a result now integrates planned grazing on the 230 acres of diverse pasture he grazes with his suckler herd.

Rob's main focus is on the marriage of productivity and ecological gain. As a hands on farmer he speaks from experience, providing practical insight to making ecological enhancing productivity happen.

Rob is the main facilitator for the Holistic Management Open-Gate event schedule in June, and will be supporting Kirk to provide context specific expertise for the Holistic Management trainings in October.  To view his HM related videos on his YouTube Channel, click here.

Matt Clegg

Matt Clegg

Matt is a Chartered Environmental Scientist with over 15 years of experience in water and flood management planning, environmental assessment, and biodiversity management projects in the UK and internationally.  Matt is interested in the development of multiple-benefit farm and catchment management plans and potential Payments for Ecosystem Services schemes. He is a specialist in aquatic resource management and has been recently working with the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales on Natural Flood Management research and development, and catchment planning projects.  Matt designs and delivers collaborative approaches and solutions; most notably the Kilnsea Wetlands Project working with farmers and local community groups to deliver a 43ha site that combines wetland and grazing marsh to support internationally designated waterfowl managed and a sustainable livestock enterprise. The project was shortlisted for a CIEEM Best Practice Award 2015.

Philip Bubb

Philip BubbPhilip Bubb is a Holistic Management Certified Educator who trained in Africa and the USA in 2004 with Allan Savory. He currently works for the United Nations Environment Programme, based in Cambridge, UK, supporting biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management around the world. His expertise in Holistic Management is particularly in facilitating the creation of holistic goals and the use of the testing questions. He is skilled at helping individuals and groups to develop a holistic goal that gives them a powerful context and vision for their planning and decision-making. This is complemented by guiding people in understanding and using the testing questions to help ensure they are moving towards their holistic goal.


Ed Revill

Ed has been a vegetable grower for over 20 years, running a smallholding in South Wales where he has been developing biochar producing heart sources (such as hot water and cooking systems) and running courses on using Combined Heat and Biochar (CHB) for use in conjunction with agroforestry type cropping systems, including food forest, forest garden and alley cropping systems. (‘Full cycle biochar’).

He works as an independent consultant, conducts workshops, builds and installs biochar producing heat sources and instructs in the use of biochar in mulch based growing systems (both cover crop or transported mulches) with a view to addressing issues relating to the decomposition and loss of soil/mulch carbon. He also teaches appropriate use of biochar within soil based perennial cropping systems (including pasture).

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Kirk Gadzia

Kirk GadziaKirk Gadzia of Resource Management Services is the foremost Holistic Management (HM) Certified Educator in the world. With over 25 years experience in the field across 6 continents, Kirk has worked closely with HM founder Allan Savory and is an associate of the Savory Institute and a Certified Educator with Holistic Management International. Kirk has formal qualifications in Rangeland Management and has co-authored several books, the most notable being 'Bullseye! Targeting you Rangeland Health Objectives', which land managers around the world use as a primary resource. Kirk is a thorough and engaging trainer and together with his wife Tamara Gadzia, Publications Director of the Quivira Coalition and an experienced landscape restorationalist, makes HM easy.

Kirk delivers our Holistic Management courses, and is supporting Rob, who will be partnering with him this autumn, in his professional Holistic Management training (this will mean that we also have a 'home-grown' trainer, with plenty of context specific knowledge and experience).

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Jane Wallwork-Gush

Jane Wallwork Gush

Being qualified in Medicinal Herbs, Clinical Herbalism and Aromatherapy, Jane is constantly excited by the possibilities offered by plants, be it creating new blends or discovering ground-breaking formulae to treat old problems. She has been working with plants to maintain the health of the animals she cares for with her partner on an organic beef farm in Somerset and is keen to share this knowledge and experience with others.

Jane studied anthropology in Oxford and was introduced to the food, medicines and rituals of other cultures and how they use plant medicine for health and healing. This built upon her early experiences with her Grandmother who introduced her to foraging for wild food. She also studied British herbal traditions and the healing power of native Celtic plants, in turn leading to the creation of her own range of skin care products using herbs, oils and floral waters.

At present, Jane works mainly in the West Country for a successful Herb Company and oversees the production of herbal medicines and macerated oils. Making herbal preparations requires skill, knowledge and of course a little alchemy! Her workshops are designed to keep these practical skills alive and maintain the tradition passing the knowledge down through the generations.  Jane is delivering a workshop on Animal Herbal Medicine for us.

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