The Future of Farming, our Environment, and Us!

(A Talk, with Dave Beecher)

Thursday 1st February7:30 pm (doors open 7 pm),

Tiverton Town Hall, St. Andrew's Street, TIVERTON, EX16 6PG (use Beck's Square Car Park)

Although we expect there to be tickets left 'on the door', to make things easier on the night, we are taking payment in advance if you would like to reserve a place - see below. 

(Dave has just delivered two full-day 'Stewarding Our Soil' workshops and due to the popularity we are looking to schedule some more, in March, before he is too busy with the Danu EIP project; please get in touch if you are interested - and sign up to our mailing list to be sure of hearing about them as soon as they are announced)

Dave Beecher Workshop

  • What is ‘healthy soil’?
  • What has soil health got to do with climate?
  • What has soil got to do with a ensuring a healthy environment?
  • How do different farming/cultivation techniques impact soil health?
  • What does an agri-culture based on building soil health look like?
  • How does such an approach improve life for farming families and communities?
  • What difference does a soil health approach to farming make to human health?

Come along to find out!

 Planetary boundariesThis is an introductory talk appropriate to both lay people and growers.  We hope it will inspire you to think more about where your food comes from, and particularly if you are involved in food production, inspire you to explore further, about how you can support soil health in your own systems, and how that in turn can support your triple bottom line (economics, environment and society).


Dave Beecher will discuss the role that agriculture plays in climate change – how it is currently one of the biggest carbon contributors, yet that we can make changes which could reverse the flow, instead using ecosystem restoration to bring more carbon underground whilst at the same time improving production, the financial bottom line, and ‘ecosystem services’.

He will delve into soil biological life, bringing soil micro-organisms to life through video and photos taken with a light microscope. He’ll consider their roles and how they interact, as a symbiotic community which provides many benefits including creating the vibrant material called humus, and then look at how conventional agriculture is impacting our soils - how cultivation, fertilizers and chemical sprays impact soil biology and us. This will be taken to another level by illustrating how the nutritional quality of food and our own health are affected, as well as that of the wider planet.

mycorrhizae sporesIn our current economic climate, with both growers and households coming under increased financial pressure, the issues surrounding farming are not easily solved. However some potential solutions to these problems will be presented by highlighting alternative, innovative approaches - from Ireland, UK and around the world.

Alongside this talk we are also running full-day workshops which will take those interested into more depth on the subject, and explain how to implement some of the principles discussed into practice.

Suggested Contribution: £7 per person including tea/coffee

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